Thursday, 3 July 2008

Spoof Business Newspaper

Scooped! has just re-designed its business newsletters. We offer spoof business newspapers to firms all over the UK - big and small - so they can let their customers and clients know their business news.

We currently have two different styles - The Scoop (red-top tabloid) and The Daily Scoop (middle-market tabloid) but you can change the title of the newspaper to your company name or we can completely redesign your newsletter to suit your needs.

Our most recent newsletter will be distributed to 4,000 of our customer's clients.

Are you tired of the same old company newsletter? Are you trying to inspire your workers - or impress clients?

Then look no further than Scooped! We’re a new Independent company that can help you promote your firm during harsh or booming Financial Times. If your company has been awarded a new contract or you would just like to keep staff up to speed on the forthcoming office night out then what better to publicise all your news than having your very own company newspaper. We will even Mail them to you, Express delivery of course.

Even the casual Observer will note that this is an offer no business person can afford to miss ... So hurry contact Scooped! today on 0141 639 9918, email or visit our website at

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